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    Product Code: 200039283



    Main Products:

    Natural Gas Generator Set,Biogas Generator Set,Biomass Generator Set,Hydrogen Generator Set,Dual-fuel Generator Set,Oil Field Associated Gas Generator Set

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    300KW, 350KW, Biogas Generator Set, Biogas Generator, Biogas Genset, Gas Genset, Biogas Power Generation
    • FOB Price
      US $ 89340.00 - 89470.00 / Piece(s)
    • Min. Order
      1 Piece(s)
    • Payment Terms
      T/T, L/C
    • Port
    • Delivery Time
      30 days after payment
    • Place of Origin:
    • Brand Name:
    • Model Number:
      C Series
    • Type:
    • Voltage:
    • Frequency:
    • Rotation Rate:
    • Power Range:
      300KW, 350KW
    Product Description


    SDNE TECH C Series Biogas Generator Set Selection Guideline


    ModelPowerBased Engine ModelWeight(kg)L×W×H (mm)

    Requirements for biogas:Biogas temperature should be 10-60within 1 meter from gas inlet pressure regulating valve, and the pressure no less than 40kpa. The pressure change rate1kpa/min; The pressure change rate100kpa/min; H2S200mg/Nm3; NH320mg/Nm3; impurities particle5μm; impurity content30mg/Nm3. Water content no more than 40g/Nm3.

    Genset Main Three Parts

    Biogas Power Generation with Processing System:

    Matched Biogas Processing System Selection Guideline

    Typical Cases for Reference:

    In 2012, SDEN TECH provided Biogas Power Generation Solution for Vietnam’s largest pig farm plant

    SDNE TECH provided Biogas Power Generation Solution for a large scale pig farm plant in Hainan Province In 2016.

    SDNE TECH offered biogas generator sets maintenance service to Guangdong’s largest pig farm plant on last year September.

    彩95官方平台下载 Qualification:

    From left to right

    1. Business Licence  2. ISO9001 Certificate  3. ISO14001 Certificate

    4. Fuel Gas Generator Set Utility Model Patented Certificate

    5. Anti-explosion Device Utility Model Patented Certificate

    6. Anti-explosion Pedestal Utility Model Patented Certificate

    Packaging & Shipping

    Focused on export for more than 10 years, and had successful cases in providing services to Asia, Africa and Latin America.

    After-Sales Service

    The Product Warranty Scope: The warranty terms are adapted to the Shengdong brand’s fuel/gas series generator sets and other related products used in abroad. Within the time frame in basic warranty regulations, if the product causes malfunction because of the quality problems or the manufacturing issues, the 彩95官方平台下载 will provide 1 year or 1000 hours free warranty services.

    How to contact彩95官方平台下载?
    Tel: 86-18924353110 (Irene) Email: sdscq@彩95官方平台下载sdnetech.com Skype: ireneou1234@彩95官方平台下载outlook.com(Irene Ou) Whatsapp: +8618924353110 Wechat: ireneou123
    Where can I get more details about the generator set?
    Please go to our bilingual web: www.sdnetech.com